USA Area Codes

The USA is a country divided into many different area codes, each representing a different region. Most area codes are based around major cities, and some states have one area code. States that have lower population densities will have only one area code, while states with a large population will have several. This creates more opportunities for people to use advanced services, such as calling from a cell phone.


The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is a telephone numbering plan that is used across the United States, Canada, most of the Caribbean, and Bermuda. The system was developed in 1947 by AT&T and Bell Laboratories and eventually became universal. The purpose of this system was to make long distance phone calls easier to make by assigning a three-digit prefix to the 7-digit local number. It also made it easier for callers to identify their own local area and avoid confusion with multiple area codes.


The USA has over 900 area codes. Several of them overlap with each other. The NANPA offers area code data for each state. There are other listings on the Internet, as well. A subdivided area is often served by a new areacode, and a multi-area area code is another common solution.


The USA area code map is another helpful tool to help you determine which code is most appropriate for your area. This interactive tool allows you to view the area codes for each state in the USA and download a printable area code map to your desktop. You can also learn more about the USA area codes by clicking on the links below. See list of countries and their country codes here!


There are over three hundred area codes in the USA, with California having the most, at 34. In addition, it is important to note that each state has a different area code. This information is crucial for international dialling and communication options. When a person makes a call to the USA, they need to have the correct area code in order to place a call.


The other USA area name option is to use an anonymous phone number. Many people use anonymous phone numbers with a local area code to avoid being traced. In this way, they can blend in with the local crowd and remain anonymous. Using an anonymous phone number can also help you avoid the risk of being reported. When calling an anonymous phone number, it's important to keep in mind that there are no local records of the number's owner.


Using the USA area codes map can be a helpful tool in identifying the right phone code for your area. The map will also show you which time zone you're in. Discover more facts about VoIP at

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